Charente Naturelle

Charente Naturelle Paulownia

Charente Naturelle is a small group of seasoned business people introducing an amazing tree called Paulownia, which can address the worldwide timber shortage both for wood biomass and valuable timber. This tree will astound you with its versatility and ability to enhance your lives in so many ways. Its fast growth makes  it ideal as a shade tree for gardens and to quickly populate sites with a statutory obligation to re-establish trees after building works, such as car parks, housing developments, business and retail parks, etc.  See more on the Paulownia menu.

Charente Naturelle sells seedlings and saplings for large and small plantation development and has a program for the development of our own plantations and managed plantations for investors.


Charente Naturelle harnesses the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants to produce top quality vegetables and fish in an ecologically sound and natural way. Far less water is used to produce food in this way, approximately 90% less waste. Nutrients for the plants are provided by the fish in return for the plants cleaning the water for the  fish.


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